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Bringing you on from your past and up into your future

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Treating the Whole You

I’m Brittany McCaleb, a Master Addiction Counselor in Atlanta, GA, and all it’s surrounding areas. I’m also certified in anger management, grief counseling, and worked as a mental health clinician for many years.
I am skillful and adept at helping people identify what they want to work on, and assisting in the development of a plan that makes sense to them. I work with them to determine what is the proper balance of education, information, accountability, support, and guidance to assure positive results for them. I am a seasoned professional with an extensive and diverse background working alongside individuals and families, from all walks of life, helping them to resolve, renew, and rebuild around myriad health and wellness issues.  I’m multifaceted, drawing from years of my own clinical training, graduate work, and experience. I’m a learner, continuing to research and attend trainings, and using a large plethora of resources to enhance my skills. My approach to healing is holistic; that is, I encourage clients to look at all areas of their lives, (physical, spiritual, emotional, and social) and do my best to assist them toward achieving the balance that I believe can promote long term, overall health. I believe that achieving this balance is an individualized process. My clients appreciate that I offer a ton of support and make them feel safe in therapy, yet don’t shy away from giving direct feedback and ideas, or challenging a thought or belief that might be getting in the way of progress. 
I would like to hear about your experiences, past, and present, believing that they hold many keys to your breakthroughs. I’ll provide tools and strategies as needed, and perhaps a book recommendation… or two.

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Please contact us at any time to speak with someone who can help you or your loved ones. Any time, any day, we are here to help.

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“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear”

Mark Twain

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WHATEVER IT IS THAT'S CONCERNING YOU, I'D LOVE TO TALK. Schedule your free 20-minute phone consultation to learn more about getting started.

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